Yoga Testimonials

“I’ve been attending Sue’s Tuesday yoga classes for many years, and love them. I feel extremely lucky to have such an amazing class right here in Oxford. Sue imparts her deep understanding of yoga in a gentle, understated and highly effective manner. Without you even realising it’s happening, she quietly stretches you right to your own limits – while all the time ensuring that you don’t overstretch, so that you will feel good the next day, and in years to come! The classes are also great fun. Sue creates a friendly and informal atmosphere in which all types of yoga-related topics are discussed and ideas shared. Thank you Sue for your lovely teaching, and for these very special classes!” Jane

“I have been attending Supi’s Tuesday evening Yoga class for many years though I have sadly not been able to attend recently as I have had to work. I have missed her class and the wonderful energy she brings to it. I have attended many yoga classes over the years and no-body else has her special quality.
Her teaching allows her students to develop at their own pace, encouraging and assisting when required. I will be returning as soon as possible!!!! Thank you Supi!!!” Jo Boston

“Sue’s style is a happy blend of informality and professionalism, which means her classes are some of the most enjoyable I have attended in 35 years of doing yoga. She emphasizes that yoga is not a set of exercises to be mastered, or something that you are good/not good at; instead it is an approach to life which helps you to value and respect your body, and ultimately live comfortably within your body and in the universe.  Perhaps it is for this reason that Sue’s classes are unusually varied in terms of age, gender, shape, size and ability, and everyone feels welcome.” Anna S. (aged 69 and a half)

“I have been going to SP’s yoga classes for quite some years now. Her teaching has always been  lovely. It is sympathetically presented and it is constantly evolving in a truly yogic way.  I have acquired a basis of self-help and development for life which my ongoing attendance sustains beautifully.” John Hounam, Director of The Littlemore School of Art and Music

“I arrived in Oxford in April 2013 and tried a few of the many yoga classes on offer around the Cowley Road area before settling on Sue’s Tuesday evening class.  I have been practising for just over 18 months now so am still in the foothills of my yoga journey; although I certainly found this class challenging to begin with, I feel that I have made much progress, both mental and physical, in only a few short months of attending.  The venue offers an ideal space for yoga – a light and airy room with a very calming atmosphere.  Mats, blocks and any other equipment are provided.Sue is a fantastic instructor with years of experience under her belt; she is very encouraging and always ready to offer suggestions and advice.  Each class includes an opportunity to share thoughts and questions with the rest of the group, which is something I have found invaluable to my practice.  The class usually comprises sun salutations, stretching and inversions, and concludes with some simple breathing exercises (pranayama), which help to quieten the mind in preparation for relaxation.  In addition to Sue’s expertise, what really makes this class is the other yogis who attend; there is a good mixture of both age and experience and the warm welcome I received there helped me through the first few months in a new city, which can sometimes feel a little lonely.  If you are comfortable with the basics – downward dog, sun salutations, warriors 1 and 2 -, feel reasonably fit and want to deepen your spiritual and physical practice, then I thoroughly recommend this class to you: I always walk out feeling as tall as an Amazon, as light as a feather and grinning like the Cheshire Cat!” Ruth, 25, MA student

“My daughter recommended yoga to me after I turned 60; my bones were stiff and sore. It took a couple of false starts before I found Sue’s Thursday night class –an incredibly open and accepting event for all sizes, ages, genders, and degrees of elasticity. From students to, well me, I suppose. Over three years I have unbent; I am on good terms with my toes. The class has become a fixed point in my week, an intensely enjoyable 90 minutes followed by the best night’s sleep of the week. Yoga has been a contributory factor in getting some balance in my life. I have lost weight and am feeling fitter and better than any time in the last 20 years. Not yoga alone but it has been a catalyst. Sue is an inspiring teacher, she encourages us without pressure. She tells us that yoga is about breathing and balance, not pushing our bodies through an assault course. Maybe this is why the class has such good chemistry. Best not to analyse it too much and just enjoy it.” Peter McIntyre

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