Covid 19

All classes are cancelled until we are told it is safe to gather in public again. Please visit my yoga page for information about alternative ways that I will support you in your yoga practice, including pop up outdoor classes.

Supi Pennington

I am not able to offer face to face appointments at the current time, but I am offering phone consultations for those who feel they would benefit from a listening ear and some practical health advice.

It is looking likely that I will be able to start offering one to one appointments again at some point during July, depending on the government guidelines. It’s going to be very different though from before, with stringent measures in place to prevent transmission of Covid 19. Those measures will include both of us wearing surgical masks throughout the session. I am currently preparing towards reopening; doing risk assessments, making sure I order the correct PPE, and getting the professional support I need to feel confident that I am doing everything possible to keep everyone safe. It’s also important that I only reopen when I feel quite ready, and mentally prepared to take on the new challenges involved in practising in such a changed environment. I will probably ease back slowly into practice, to give myself a chance to adapt to the changes, without becoming overwhelmed.

Let’s all be careful and try and stay well.

I offer a holistic health service in Oxford U.K.

The therapies I practice are: Acupuncture, Massage, Shamanic Healing, and Yoga.

I also teach the above, and offer Mentoring/ Supervision to other practitioners.

I am fully insured.
I began working in the field of holistic health in 1984 and mostly work in Cowley and East Oxford.
I sometimes run workshops in the U.K. and abroad.
Please contact me if you want further information, or to book appointments.