Covid 19

The pop-up yoga classes in Florence Park have had to cease while we are in lockdown, apart from one to one tuition. But I plan to continue after restrictions are eased whenever the weather and my timetable permit. It would not previously have occurred to me to teach or practise yoga outside in the winter, but with the right gear, i.e. something waterproof under your mat and enough layers of clothing, and a suitably adapted practice it’s entirely doable and a lovely way to spend time outdoors through the changing seasons. Please visit my yoga page for more information and to find out about alternative ways that I can support you in your yoga practice.

Supi Pennington

Under lockdown I can continue to offer one to one acupuncture appointments for ‘high needs’, and urgent care. This is what my professional body, The British Acupuncture Council has written to our members:

“It is down to individual professional judgement who fits into the category of Urgent Care and High Needs. This can depend on whether the patient is likely to require further medication or see a GP if they were not treated until after the lockdown.¬† A consideration could also be whether their treatment is time dependant such as in IVF cases. Cosmetic or purely wellbeing treatments must stop, however anything affecting mental health and the maintenance of chronic pain etc should be seen as high needs. Please judge each case individually and record in their notes your reasons for the decision to treat. It is important to factor increased risk as a result of the new strain when completing risk assessments and making the decision to treat patients.”

Lockton, the BAcC insurer, has advised that as long as members follow BAcC guidelines and instruction while also following the law, they will continue to be insured.

Stringent measures are in place to prevent transmission of Covid 19. Those measures include both of us wearing surgical masks throughout the session.

I am still offering phone consultations for those who can’t come to see me in person and feel they would benefit from a listening ear and some practical health advice. Some people are finding it useful to talk things through, even if they can’t have a treatment. One person said,”It was really helpful to reconnect and now reflect a bit.”

Let’s all be careful and try and stay well.

I offer a holistic health service in Oxford U.K.

The therapies I practice are: Acupuncture, Massage, Shamanic Healing, and Yoga.

I also teach the above, and offer Mentoring/ Supervision to other practitioners.

I am fully insured.
I began working in the field of holistic health in 1984 and mostly work in Cowley and East Oxford.
I sometimes run workshops in the U.K. and abroad.
Please contact me if you want further information, or to book appointments.