I am a member of the supervision/mentoring network established by Isobel Cosgrove.  In 2006 I completed a training with Isobel and Sally Blades.  Since then I have been offering supervision/mentoring to other practitioners, as well as continuing to receive it on a regular basis.

I believe the best support is in place at all times so you barely notice it’s there but feel secure. Then, if a crisis occurs, you can access help from someone you already know and trust. If we are isolated and something goes wrong the tendency is to become more isolated.

In my own supervision I really value the opportunity to reflect on my practice and work/life balance as well as discuss any issues which have arisen. Having personal experience of how helpful that relationship is made me want to do the training and make it available to others. 

Mentoring/Supervision can take place one to one or within a small group.

I offer both in-person and phone sessions.


“I have been having one-on-one mentoring sessions with Sue Pennington since April 2010. We meet every couple of months to discuss any issues I may be experiencing with my practice. The content of our sessions varies according to my needs. We often use the time to help me clarify my concerns with individual patients, whether this means considering new angles of approach or to reassuring me that my current viewpoint is sound. I am also able to discuss any philosophical questions which arise from the practice of Chinese medicine with an experienced practitioner. And the intimacy of our sessions allows me to be open about, and get feedback on, any emotional or personal difficulties I may be facing. Sue always listens carefully to my concerns and will offer me useful advice where appropriate. She is straightforward about her own practice and experience where it can help me, but encourages me to lead the way wherever possible. She strongly supports me where I demonstrate good practice. I benefit from and enjoy my meetings with Sue. I would strongly recommend her as a Mentor.”  Sam Manning

“I am a therapist working within the NHS. I see Sue Pennington, or Supi as I know her, monthly for acupuncture treatment which started 6 years ago. In addition to this I consulted Supi for mentoring sessions when I was working privately some years ago, and I still see her for mentoring when the need arises, usually when I need some extra input, mainly to help with work issues but from time to time it has been for something on a personal and emotional level.

Supi is a wonderful acupuncture practitioner and mentor. She is totally reliable, empathic and thoughtful in her work. She listens quietly until she is sure about what she has heard and is skilful in drawing out my own thinking and responses so that my decisions come from a level I have fully thought through for myself. With her help I come away from sessions feeling much more confident and grounded about my next step. She is sensitive, works collaboratively and is flexible; able to consider alternative perspectives and work with different theoretical models as needed, and she is also warm, humorous, and a joy to see!”  Jane

“I have known Sue in a professional context for 5 years, as we work closely together in the Acupuncture For Childbirth Team, Oxford and our paths have crossed at a number of CPD events. From the beginning, I have found Sue to be a very warm and approachable colleague. I came to Oxford and joined the Acupuncture for Childbirth Team as a relatively new practitioner and Sue always made me feel very welcome.

I also took part in a supervision group she ran for our local BAcC group a couple of years ago. During this I was struck by how professional, yet warm and nurturing Sue was. We all felt very safe. She certainly inspired me to go on to do more supervision and I know the rest of the group got a lot out of the session too. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend her as a supervisor. She has great passion for her profession and lots of experience too. An inspiration in the Oxford acupuncture community!”  Jess Buck

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