Acupuncture Testimonials

“Thank you so much for fitting me in at short notice on Friday. It helped me such a lot. I saw the doctor later and he prescribed antibiotics but I decided to wait a while and then I felt better so didn’t end up taking any, which I’m really glad about.” Sue

“I first came to visit Sue a couple of months ago. My wife recommended her when I was having lots of trouble sleeping. In the last few weeks, my sleeping has improved dramatically thanks to the acupuncture. I find Sue to be a highly skilled practitioner, as well as a sensitive and kind person. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” Richard

“I actually just wanted to thank you for the last session that we had. I have made such huge changes in my life since then and they were really a result of the time I had to offload and to have the acupuncture so I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. You provide such a great safe space and I really appreciate it.” Andrea

“I have seen Sue Pennington for acupuncture treatment for a number of years and am constantly amazed by her intuitive understanding of the way the human body works. I initially went to her for my skin – I had suffered from acne rosacea since my teens – she cleared this up pretty quickly. After years of agonising over my spotty skin these days I rarely give it a second thought. I continue to see Sue on a regular basis finding her treatment more effective for the everyday ailments that any middle-aged body encounters, than the battery of pills that Western medicine throws at one. I find her particularly effective at reducing the arthritis pain in my knees to manageable levels. Sue is not a prescriptive or intimidating practitioner, she doesn’t ban foods or lifestyles, she makes gentle suggestions and gently steers towards a more balanced life-style and diet. If you are struggling with a health condition whether recently diagnosed or long term I would heartily recommend trying acupuncture treatment with Sue Pennington.” Susan Gutteridge

“I want to explain how very supportive and beneficial my acupuncture visits to Sue have been since I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2006. There is no ‘cure’ for ME but properly managed it is possible to overcome its debilitating effects. Sue has been a crucial part of that management. I never cease to be amazed at how patient and non-judgemental Sue has been, carefully coaxing the issues from me and helping me to seek my own solutions whilst using acupuncture to assist in the wellbeing and healing process. I can tell Sue anything and she will decide how best to treat the current problem areas with great skill and endless calm. I urge anyone with a need for supportive and careful help to try acupuncture and to work with the best, Sue P.” Angela Knight

“I have been seeing Supi for many years. In every session I talk to Supi and am listened to with careful, warm attention. From the holding of my hand as she takes my pulses, to the acupuncture needle treatment, the quiet and the listening; all contributes to a feeling that my body’s messages are being heard, responded to and treated on every level; mental, emotional and physical. Supi’s gentle and thoughtful questions also help get me thinking in a fresh and different way, so that I feel energised and able to think creatively about any symptoms currently expressing themselves. I am rarely ill and when I sometimes am I have learned to listen as well. Supi’s vast skill and experience in understanding the body is underpinned by unconditional acceptance and warmth. I know she will hear and understand me, then treat the problem effectively!” Jane Lagun

“For the many years I have been using this complementary therapy, I have seen the quality of my well-being improved. It was very relaxing and helped to cope with the immense pressure one is often under because of other medical conditions. I also liked the whole setting this therapy was delivered in and the kind of advice that was given to me.” Robert

“There was a time in my life when I was really going flat out, a slave to the demands of a complex and time-consuming business, veering perilously close to the edge of breakdown. Thank goodness I had the sense to initiate a regular course of acupuncture with Sue. That made all the difference. Results were immediate, on many different levels. I came to treasure my sessions as an opportunity to check in with myself, opening up to the possibility of reconfiguring my energy channels, releasing blocked potential, and generally settling a severely rattled psyche. Sue is a brilliant and sensitive practitioner, her interventions well-considered and accurate. It’s been a revelation all round.” HRL

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