Sunday 24th November, 2019, 10.30am – 5pm.

Saturday 7th December, 2019, 10.30am – 5pm.

Details on Shamanism page.

(N.B. Both workshops are full, but you are welcome to join the waiting list).



Sunday December 16th, 2 – 5pm, at a private house in East Oxford.

The afternoon is open to anyone who has basic shamanic journeying skills, from novices through to experienced practitioners. It will be an opportunity to sit in circle with others on the shamanic path.

In keeping with this pivotal time of year as we draw close to the longest night of the year, which is followed immediately by lengthening days, we will take as our theme the interplay of darkness and light.

The cost is £30/£25/£20. Numbers are limited and to secure your place it’s essential to pay in advance.

Next Yoga Workshops:

Saturday 12th January 2019 Oxford

Saturday 16th March 2019 Oxford

Sunday 27th January 2019, Tarnowskie Góry, Poland.

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Next Shamanic Workshop:

Journey Circle Saturday 1st July 2017, 2 – 5pm, Oxford
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Past workshops, to be repeated.

‘Shamanism for Beginners’ Parts 1 and 2

at the Yoga Barn, Wolvercote.

Part 1 Sunday 24th April 2016

Part 2 Sunday 26th June 2016

If you are curious to learn about, and have a direct experience of what shamanism is, these introductory days are for you. Topics covered will include: origins of shamanism and its relevance to us today; what shamans do, e.g. healing, teaching, divination. And, most importantly, you will learn to  journey shamanically. This involves relaxing into a receptive trance state, to the sound of a drum, with full and clear instructions. Shamanic journeying is a tremendously useful lifeskill to have. You can use it to seek support and guidance on questions or issues that are important to you, in order to problem-solve and/or make changes in your life. This work draws on ancient wisdom and practices, and helps improve your connection to your inner self and indeed all of life. It just helps us to make more sense of life in general.

Group size will be maximum of 12, allowing a safe space to be created.

Here is what a couple of people said about past ‘Shamanism for Beginners’ Workshops:

I must thank you for such an insightful and revealing day on Saturday, although I have not resolved a life time of difficulties I do feel that I have found some guidance to work towards a better, more constructive and harmonious way of life.       Dominic

Sue is an excellent teacher, her communication is always very clear and she plans her work in a beautiful way, I always benefit from her teachings.  Sophie
Sue P. has been working in the healing arts since 1984.  She became involved with shamanism in 1993 and has worked as a shamanic practitioner since 2005.  As well as shamanism she practises acupuncture, massage and yoga and offers mentoring/supervision to other practitioners.

She is available for private healing sessions.

Forgiveness – This workshop will run again later.

‘Each of us has a deep need to forgive, but it sometimes feels like an impossible task.’

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Saturday January 17th 2015 2 – 6pm


The Yoga Barn, Wolvercote

We have all hurt others and been hurt ourselves. The act of forgiving (not to be confused with condoning or forgetting) takes courage. It is ultimately liberating, but does not necessarily lead to reconciliation. Forgiveness is a layered process, not to be rushed. However, in the long term being unable to forgive burdens us more than those who wronged us (who may be dead).

Or maybe it is yourself who you need to forgive.

In this workshop we will explore the meaning and implications of forgiving. You will work on valuing, strengthening and understanding yourself to the point where you feel whole enough to let go of blame and set a load down, once and for all. The workshop will include a guided visualisation to nourish and strengthen your heart energy and a ritual, using fire to release attachments, all leading up to a powerful piece of forgiveness work.


Increased insight around issues and effects of forgiving/not forgiving; nourishment of heart energy; release of extraneous, burdening energies; moving closer towards or achieving completion of forgiveness of an individual or group; gaining insights and information to sustain the process. Limited no. of places, must be booked and paid for in advance.

Feedback from previous ‘Forgiveness’ workshops:

‘It was a great workshop that contained zen like profundity led with a heart felt sensitivity that left me humbled and glad.’

Marek Ward

My experience with Supi was during a Shamanic Camp in Dorset in 2014, where she was one of the teachers. Supi ran a session about forgiveness. Her sensitivity towards forgiveness was gentle and inspiring, welcoming the vulnerability of each participant to share within the group. Supi lovingly held the space ensuring that our stories and experiences were forever held by her loving presence. Supi is a gifted teacher and her devotion to this work is easily recognised by her passion for supporting and guiding the emotional release to occur and allow the inner transformation to enhance each and everyone of us..

Her gentle approach is magical..

Being in Beauty 2014.


I was sceptical. By the half way tea break, I had to have a chat with you to stay with it. Then the miraculous took over. I found myself working with Annie as my partner and acknowledging the big pain and block inside. Regarding a forgiveness process, given how much time has elapsed, I unfortunately remember very little but want to honour the work for opening such a difficult door and I am grateful for your help in making my first small steps along the way I need to go into this troubled energy field of sickness. Thanks Supi, love Peggy

“Walking the Path of Forgiveness”
“Supi travelled to Canada  to bring this work to the Returning to 4 Legs Shamanic Gathering in 2014. In this workshop Supi explored the meaning and implications of forgiving. With almost  devotional tending which  held a true spear of truth Supi held the group to work on valuing, strengthening and understanding themselves to deep breath point of awareness where everyone not just felt whole enough but knew they were whole enough to let go of blame and set down long carried burdens, once and for all. The ceremonial workshop  included guided visualisation to nourish and strengthen heart energy and fire ritual to release attachments, all leading up to powerful piece forgiveness work for participants which rippled out to all who came close to  them
Supi says of herself that she experiences life as a precious gift and understands that being human is immensely challenging; she brings this experience and understanding into this powerful yet freeing work”
Rev Elder John-Luke Edwards, Sagh’ic Tire Dhream Tradition